The Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park is the ideal location for owner-managed, medium-sized companies, and especially water-intensive industries (chemicals, paper, biomass). The location is also characterized by its international atmosphere: companies from China, Italy, Ukraine and the USA, for example, work hand in hand with their German neighbours. More and more, our location is being identified as a site of sustainable chemistry. For instance, resident business Radici Chimica neutralises the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (from adipic acid production) by means of an innovatory power plant. Puralube, meanwhile, specialises in the re-refining of used oil, so that there is less need for new resources. Interstarch converts the renewable raw materials from wheat into industrially useful starch. The biorefinery Elsteraue produces pure methane from corn. A five MW photovoltaic solar plant feeds electricity into the grid of the park, which itself is a member of the so-called “Bioeconomy-cluster” and of the “Hypos” Green Hydrogen Initiative.


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