Location management

Comprehensive service for residents and tenants

The Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH is the contact point for all questions relating to investment and building and facilities management. Infra-Zeitz advises on the selection of plots, arranges customized tenancy offers, paving the way for smooth dealing with the authorities and helping with applications, facilitates contacts with other infrastructure service companies, provides assistance with usage concepts and prepares the management of contaminated sites. In addition, Infra-Zeitz is the first contact point for questions regarding the rental of office and commercial space, as well as seminar and conference rooms, maintenance and cleaning and security services. We also organise road sweeping, winter maintenance and care of green areas. We provide help and advice in the starting phase of your paper and electronic archives, disposal of your official business records and establishment and maintenance of inventory documents of all kinds (CAD drawings, GIS maps, archive system).

Key facts

Service of Infra-Zeitz for tenants and residents:
– Area selection,
– Establishing contacts with other service partners,
– Contaminated soil information,
– Start-up aid,
– Rental of offices, seminar and conference rooms


Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH
Dr. Volker Rausch
Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz
Hauptstraße 30
D – 06729 Elsteraue

T. +49 (0) 3441/ 84 24 02
F. +49 (0) 3441/ 84 20 29
E. infra@industriepark-zeitz.de
W. www.industriepark-zeitz.de