Gemeinde Elsteraue


The Gemeinde of Elsteraue contains nearly 9,000 inhabitants and is located in the border triangle Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt / Thuringia. After Weißenfels and Zeitz, it is the third largest industrial centre in the so-called Burgenlandkreis. The administration of the municipality has its headquarters in the administrative centre of the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park. For Park residents, this provides a fast and convenient means of dealing with local administrative issues. In the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park, the municipality of Elsteraue is (inter alia) the owner/manager of the sites’s streets and thoroughfare. It is also responsible for basic fire protection.

Key facts

Main services:
– Public administration

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Gemeinde Elsteraue
Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz
Hauptstraße 30
06729 Elsteraue

T. +49 (0) 3441/ 226-0
F. +49 (0) 3441/ 226-123