Water, waste-water

Ideal for water-based operations

As operator of the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park, Infra-Zeitz provides customized infrastructure and technical services related to water and its various uses. Infra-Zeitz provides the resident companies with industrial water and firefighting water, cooling water, deionized water, process water and services for the disposal of operating waste-water (sewage and storm water and industrial waste-water). The Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park also features a dual 20-kV power grid complex, and is connected (via two 40 MW transformers) to two 110 kV national electricity networks. Drinking water and natural gas are managed by regional suppliers, both on an industrial scale. Infra-Zeitz provides industrial gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, compressed air).

Key facts

Products of Infra-Zeitz:
– Process water / firefighting water
– Process water,
– Cooling water
– Demineralized water (deionized water)
– Process heat

Services of Infra-Zeitz:
– Removal of sanitary and rainwater.
– Removal of industrial waste water,
– Condensate treatment


Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH
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Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz
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