Centrally located in the southeast of Germany

The Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park is around 40 km south of the “boom town” of Leipzig, and about 5 km from the regional centre of the municipality of Zeitz – and thus in the southernmost tip of Saxony-Anhalt, in the border-triangle of Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt / Thuringia. The site belongs to the so-called central-German chemical triangle. In the neighbourhood one may also find the chemical park Leuna, the central-German Total refinery, the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park and sites of the Dow Chemical company in Schkopau and Bohlen. The metropolitan areas of Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Nuremberg, Frankfurt-Hanau and Hanover are barely more than 300 km away, and are within easy reach via the A4 (Aachen-Dresden), A9 (Berlin-Munich), A14 (Magdeburg-Leipzig) and A38 (Göttingen-Leipzig). Freight centres are located in Leipzig-Radefeld and Halle (Saale). The nearest international airports are Leipzig-Halle, Berlin-Schoenefeld and Dresden.
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Key facts

The nearest highways:
– A9,
– A4,
– A38,
– A14

Nearest bimodal terminal:
– Leipzig

By train:
– On the premises

Nearest Airport:
– Leipzig-Halle

Location Brochure:



Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH
Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz
Hauptstraße 30
D – 06729 Elsteraue

T. +49 (0) 3441/ 84 24 02
F. +49 (0) 3441/ 84 20 29
E. infra@industriepark-zeitz.de
W. www.industriepark-zeitz.de