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Since 1989, Deurex has been one of the major international suppliers of speciality waxes. As the inventor of circular-micronized waxes, the company is known worldwide as a pioneer of innovation. Since 2010, another business area has been set up: the wax-based oil and chemical binder under the name Pure DEUREX. In contrast to conventional products, these products are characterized by the fact that only pollutants are absorbed. By virtue of the hydrophobic structure, no water is retained. An “extreme surface” provides an above-average capacity – that is to say, pollutants up to 6.5-times its own weight can be attached and retained. The company’s third brand is comprised by the natural sugar-cane waxes of the DEUREX X series. These enable customers of DEUREX to produce sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

Key facts

Main products:
– Wax-based oil and chemical binders

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Deurex AG
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