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As site operator and developer of the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park, the Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH manages approximately 9,000 m² of warehouse space, including the administrative centre, an office building, a Culture and Congress Centre (“Hyzet KuK”) and a workshop. Here tenants may find, on favourable terms, modern offices of about 25 square metres with modern technology in a historic setting. Many rooms have connecting doors so that internal passageways can be created. Adequate sanitation facilities are available on each floor. Meeting rooms are located both in the administrative centre and in Hyzet KuK. Free parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity, as well as daily buses to Zeitz.

If interested, please call us. Alternatively, further information is available on the Internet under – real estate in the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park.

Real Estate in the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park

Key facts

– Administrative centre,
– Office buildings,
– Cultural and Congress Centre.
– workshop

Building area:
– 9.000 m²

Currently Available Space:
– Rental properties of Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH


Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH
Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz
Hauptstraße 30
D – 06729 Elsteraue

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