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enviaM is distinguished by a powerful and diverse product and service spectrum. The group brings together expertise in the fields of electricity, gas, heat, water / waste water, telecommunications and energy-related services. In the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park, enviaM is the owner and operator of e-switching stations and the electricity grid. It regulates the power supply of the park via the substation at Tröglitz. This is not only connected to a 110 kV double-circuit line but also has an additional supply from Saxony. Thus enviaM can, in the unlikely event of a total failure of the 110 kV power supply, switch to another level of energy provision. The Tröglitz substation itself has two transformers with a capacity of 40 MW. Thus, here we have a level of supply security that few other locations can equal.

Key facts

Main services:
– Electricity supply

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envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG
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